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While diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle are the primary keys to True Wellness, it is often difficult to get everything our bodies need. Quality supplementation in the correct quantity and format is often required.

Today in the spotlight is Ginger – There is an old Indian proverb that says, “Every good quality is contained in ginger.” Ginger is something we either love or hate!

Ginger is a powerful antioxidant and anti inflammatory! Ginger has an important position in herbal tradition, particularly for digestive upsets/disturbances including lack of appetite, nausea, digestive spasms, indigestion, dyspepsia and flatulent colic. The herb’s warming effect helps stimulate circulation, promotes sweating, reduces fever, relieves colds and upsets of the respiratory system including coughs and bronchitis. Ginger has been clinically shown to help prevent nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness and seasickness.

You can use fresh or powdered ginger in cooking and baking. Use fresh ginger to make a delicious tea, or take in supplement form. Here is a link to a great ginger tea recipe:…/the-best-homemade-ginger-tea-ever.h…

Could you benefit from Ginger supplementation? BOOK an analysis and find out!


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