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IN.FORM Protein Shakes

Are you looking to provide your body with an excellent source of protein in a quick and easy format? Today in the spotlight is IN.FORM Protein Shakes – specially formulated providing 20 grams of protein per serving to help build and repair body tissues. 💪

Protein is among the most important nutrients in the maintenance of health and vitality, and is of critical importance to the formation and growth of all body tissues, particularly the hair, nails, skin, muscles, and internal organs, including the brain and heart.

Nature’s Sunshine’s IN.FORM Protein Shakes come in two unique formulas – Pea Protein and Whey Protein. With the addition of plant phytosterols it helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels and helps lower total blood and LDL cholesterol. The formulas have also been enriched with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients for the repair and maintenance of good health.

Pea protein (made from yellow split peas) has become a popular protein alternative to soy and whey due to soy allergens and vegan diets. Everywhere in the food industry, pea protein can be seen replacing traditional protein sources once commonly found in protein bars, meal-replacement shakes, energy drinks and workout shakes. In addition to being an alternative to soy and whey, pea protein has some unique properties of it own. Pea protein is well tolerated by the human digestive system, with at least 90% digestibility. Pea protein contains respectable amounts of the important amino acids lysine for muscle and bone health; leucine, isoleucine and valine for muscle development; arginine for heart health and muscle metabolism; and, glutamine to help restore nitrogen balance after physical activity.

Whey Protein is a high-quality Complete Protein containing all the essential amino acids required by the body daily. This is based upon several different methods that are used today to evaluate protein quality. Whey proteins have a superior score to other sources of protein, making whey proteins one of the highest single source proteins available. Biological Value (BV), also known as Net Protein Utilization, measures the amount of protein that is retained from the absorbed protein for maintenance and growth. Whey proteins have a BV of 100, which is higher than the value for casein (milk protein), soy protein, beef, or wheat gluten.

With a pleasant vanilla flavour, IN.FORM Protein Shakes are a great addition to your menu plan. To get your hands on these protein shakes today, send us a DM. Could you benefit from taking IN.FORM Protein Shakes? BOOK an analysis and find out!


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