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Today in the spotlight is Potassium - one of the electrolytes (with magnesium, calcium, and sodium) and as such helps provide cells with the necessary spark of energy needed to function at optimum levels.

Potassium is involved in muscle control, iron balance in the tissues and acid/alkaline balance in the body. Potassium is essential for biological energy, muscle contraction, nerve conduction, normal heartbeat, and the manufacturing of nucleic acid and proteins, the "building blocks" of life. It also helps maintain normal blood pressure and transports nutrients into your cells!

An adequate intake of potassium can be obtained through eating foods rich in potassium. The best sources include potatoes and sweet potatoes, beans, tomato paste and several fruits including bananas. In spite of all these food sources, most people don’t get enough potassium through their diets and supplementation may be necessary.

Potas is a source of potassium. In addition to providing 36 mg of potassium citrate, Potas has an all-herbal base formula containing kelp plant, dulse plant, alfalfa herb, horseradish root, white cabbage leaf, and thyme herb. Could you benefit from extra potassium? BOOK an analysis and find out!


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