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Unleash your

True Wellness!!!

​​At Revyve True Wellness we use Live Blood Analysis as a tool to assess your truly unique-to-you overall health. We then discuss and collaborate tangible options towards improved wellness to suite your individual needs. Improvements that can truly be seen and felt! We examine your health at a cellular level using just a drop of your own blood viewed under a high power, Darkfield microscope.

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Cold Lake, AB



Laura opened my eyes and provided insight, education and guidance to help further support me on my journey through health and wellness. I was mesmerized watching the live blood analysis and learning how my environment effects my cells and body as a whole.

I highly recommend Revyve True Wellness to anyone whose looking for support in living a healthy journey.

- Shauna J -


Laura was super friendly and knowledgeable. She explained the process and remedies very thoroughly as we went through different aspects of the analysis. Overall it was a fantastic glimpse into the inner workings of my own body, in real time, at a cellular level, that I found enlightening and educational.
I have been following Laura's recommended dietary changes and supplements for 7 days and I am already noticing a difference in how I feel.
You're bound to have an "ah ha" moment or three at this place.

- Ross H -


My experience with Laura has been awesome!  Seeing my live blood in real time was an eye opener.  Her recommendations to change my diet and supplements has made a difference for me in just 8 weeks.  If you have never tried Live Blood Analysis I highly recommend you book a session with Laura today.

- Tracy R -

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