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To book an appointment online, select the appointment type below and click 'Book It'.  You will then be taken to a calendar page where you can select from available appointment times.  Alternatively, you may email, phone or text.  Please provide 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or change times so others may book the space.

revyvetruewellness@gmail.com     1-780-545-0067

For Initial Analysis, please print the CLIENT INTAKE FORM below, complete and bring to your appointment.  This saves time during the appointment.

It is recommended to fast for 3-4 hours prior to your appointment and are well hydrated for better results.  

  • For new clients or if its been 1 year +

    1 hr


  • For follow-ups after the Initial Analaysis

    45 min


  • For new clients or if its been 1 year + (for kids up to age 16)

    1 hr


  • For follow-ups after the Initial Analysis (kids up to age 16)

    45 min



Laura Hunter is not an MD and does not offer to diagnose, treat or operate for any human disease, injury or disability. Our services are geared to assist you in your personal healing journey and all information, reports or communication are strictly for your personal inspiration/education concerning weaknesses, imbalances and stress factors possibly causing disease states. We cannot offer a guarantee for the accuracy of our information or the result of recommendations or natural therapies involved. We encourage our clients to seek medical advice or tests for any of their particular conditions.