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I am so excited to share my passion and help others move a step closer to obtaining True Wellness for themselves!

Laura Hunter, BSA - Certified Live Blood Analyst and Founder of Revyve True Wellness


I have always loved food (YES!!!).  So much so that I got a degree in it!  I hold a Bachelors Degree in Science, majoring in Food Science, from the University of Saskatchewan.  A Food Science Degree is all about Food Processing and Safety.  Basically, how we can take simple foods and produce them on a larger scale and make them last much longer.  I found this all very fascinating and loved visiting various food processing facilities to see how they did it. 


My first 'job' out of university was working in quality assurance in a French Fry plant in Manitoba (yummy!) followed by a period working for the government helping develop new food processing companies in Saskatchewan.  From there, I moved to Calgary, AB to work for Canada Safeway Ltd. (now under Sobeys) in their head office.  For 10 years I worked in the Private Label department in various positions - Product Development, Quality Assurance, Sourcing, Marketing - helping to support their product line of over 4,000 items.  A large part of my job was to sample the various food products and compare them to the target brand.  I basically ate for a living and got paid for it!!!  I loved my job their and all the various food and business elements I was exposed to, but eventually all the 'sampling' took its tole on my body. 

This experience prompted me to dive into the Health & Wellness field.  After experiencing intense cramping and constipation for several days, I had my first consultation with a Live Blood Analyst.  She found that my digestive system was basically shut down (yikes!).  I was so fascinated by what she could see through her microscope by looking at a drop of my blood.  Given my science background, I loved looking at my cells and learning about the impact they have on my health.  Over time and working with her, my digestion improved and I started taking my health more seriously.  I learned that in spite of having a weak digestive system, with the proper diet and support, I could help my body work smoothly and avoid painful flare-ups.

At the end of 2011, I gave birth to our first daughter, Rebecca, and we moved our family to Cold Lake, AB so my husband, Danny, could be home more often with a better work schedule.  In 2013, we welcomed our second daughter, Natalie, and our family was completed.  I have been fortunate enough to be able to stay home with my children and family, but have been looking for ways to make health and wellness a larger focus in my life.  In early 2019, I realized that my fascination with Live Blood Analysis and all the benefits it gave to me was something I could bring to help others in the community.  In February of that year, I went to Vancouver and completed the Basic and Advanced Training in Live Blood Analysis and obtained my Applied Nutritional Microscopy Certification. 


I am thrilled to be able to offer this tool and knowledge to others to help them get a little closer to obtaining their idea of True Wellness!

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