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A "Revyved" YOU in 2020

Special THANKS to our great friends at Spark'd Connections for writing this fantastic blog about us!!! Here is the direct link:

As we embrace all things NEW this month, I am SO excited to dive into a business that is BOTH  NEW and UNIQUE within our community. 

Laura Hunter, a loving wife, and the mother to two beautiful daughters ages 6 and 8 started her journey as an entrepreneur and “bossmom” when she launched her business “Revyve True Wellness” this past fall of 2019. 

Through a passion for natural health and wellness, Laura decided to take her DREAMS and SHARE them with the world around her!

Laura invites her clients to take a look at their health from a CELLULAR LEVEL as they embark on a unique and personalized wellness journey. 

So let’s DIVE IN….. (I’m starting to notice a pattern here… new favorite tag phrase perhaps??) 

WHO Is Laura Hunter?

In addition to a wife, mom and local entrepreneur, Laura Hunter is a certified live blood analyst (…..a what?!?)

Unique! Right!?

It all started with Laura’s LOVE of food. Through her high school/early adolescent years, Laura loved food so much, that she went on to post-secondary studies; obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Major in Food Sciences. 

Upon graduating,  Laura landed a job sampling, testing and evaluating various food products from large-scale companies to determine how they compared to their target brands. As much as she described LOVING her job, all the taste testing eventually took a toll on her digestive system…. and NOT in a good way!

Laura’s health issues began to spiral…. ALL stemming from her digestive tract. In need of some major change, her personal health issues prompted her to seek a natural solution for getting her digestive system BACK ON TRACK. 

Always an advocate for a more natural approach to wellness, Laura was determined to heal her gut NATURALLY. 

And so began her introduction to the world of LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS……

Laura’s first appointment with an analyst fascinated her; in fact, she left incomplete SHOCK after discovering that her digestive issues were actually her body’s way of communicating that it was “SHUTTING DOWN!! ”

Through supplementation and lifestyle changes, Laura began her path to healing. As she continued on her journey, the analyst’s ability to detect SO MUCH from a SINGLE DROP of blood ignited her passion for MORE…

Driven by her positive experience, Laura enrolled and completed her Basic and Advanced Live Blood Analysis certification. 

Laura’s goal in launching “Revyve True Wellness”  was to share with her community the wealth of knowledge and insight she gained through her schooling, personal testimonies, and experiences.

So…. WHAT exactly IS Live Blood Analysis? 

A small prick of the finger and YOUR DONE (and trust me you WILL  survive the prick, it’s NOT bad at all)… the rest is up to Laura! 

Taking the blood from your freshly poked finger, Laura transfers her sample onto a slide where it is IMMEDIATELY placed under a high-powered microscope. 

Together,  through live computer display, you watch as Laura analyzes your blood cells in their “living state” and discusses what she sees on the screen… No waiting for a callback, no time delays, YOU see your blood in “REAL TIME!” 

Throughout this interactive process, Laura addresses any concerns she may find and then offers her professional suggestions. 

Some of the more common findings Laura addresses include:

* Digestive issues: caused by leaky gut, congested liver, poor diet

* Inflammation due to stress 

* Parasites ….. (YES many of us are living with nasty little critters inside of us)

* Mineral deficiencies 

Upon completion of both the live and dry analysis, Laura provides her professional feedback and recommendations for lifestyle changes and supplementation to help address any concerns.  

So WHY Give It A Try? 

I’ll quote Laura for this, as I believe she answered perfectly… “Live blood analysis is simply ANOTHER great tool to have in your toolbox.”… and when it comes to OUR HEALTH why not stack our toolbox as FULL as we can???

Blood Analysis offers people a way to TAKE CONTROL of their personal health and wellness! 

It is so easy to get caught making excuses for our bodies and why we don’t feel our best…

We accept feeling constantly tired and sluggish. 

We accept low energy

We accept having a “foggy” minds and adapt to stomach pain, bloating, and other ailments

We make feeling “not right” a normal part of our lives…… Note to self, this is NOT normal!!!! 

We are designed to feel our BEST. 

Life is short. You owe it to YOU to LIVE FULLY!! 

Having an additional resources or “tool” such as Live Blood Analysis in your corner offers guidance and further opportunity for becoming your BEST SELF. It gives options for leading a healthier lifestyle and allows YOU the freedom to choose what that looks like for YOU.  

With the  ability to follow up and see your progress at ANY TIME, you are able to witness FIRST HAND the progress and changes that are happening inside of you.>> For myself this was HUGE. 

 I could finally have a way to TRACK my progress. 

It is one thing to start supplementation,, it is completely another thing to be able to see if your investment and time are ACTUALLY WORKING!! 

If you are someone who seeks to take a NATURAL approach to your wellbeing. 

If you are someone that wants greater insight into what is happening within your body. 

Revyve True Wellness is a GREAT LOCAL resource to keep in your corner.  

Paired with the regular care of your family physician, Laura is here to help you reach those health goals in 2020 and get you on track to your BEST most “Revyved” SELF! 

xxx Allie 


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