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CleanStart Cleansing & Detox Program

With summer now in the books, are you looking to get back on track to your healthy self but unsure where to start? Cleansing and detoxification of the body promotes good health and general well-being and is considered an important first step in the healing process.

Today in the spotlight is CleanStart – an effective yet gentler and more easily tolerated cleansing and detoxifying program. This 7-day program provides a complete and balanced herbal cleanse to help protect the body from waste that affects health.

In traditional systems of herbal medicine, it is believed that the combination of certain complementary herbs can have a synergistic effect on activating the body’s cleansing organs (colon, liver & kidneys) and promoting elimination of toxic build up. It is recommended an herbal cleans be used in combination with lifestyle changes (rest, relaxation, gentle exercise) and dietary recommendations (removal of suspected food allergens or intolerances, processed foods, and products with artificial colours, flavours, or other additives). “Natural herbal products support the main organs of waste removal, such as fibre and probiotics for the colon, and herbs and/or nutrients to improve the metabolism of waste products through the liver.”

“Before starting on any kind of detox, it is recommended you meet with a health care practitioner in order to ensure that a detox is the best step for you. If you have a significant health history, are taking medication, or have unusual symptoms, it is especially important to have these reviewed before starting any type of detox.” Check out this great article from Alive Magazine for all your Cleansing and Detox FAQs:

There are several different cleansing and detox programs available. We can help you determine the correct one for your unique needs and provide support to achieve the best results. BOOK and analysis here to get started!


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