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Today in the spotlight is Co-enzyme Q10. With February being HEART HEALTH month, I thought this would be a great supplement to feature as it is a fantastic cellular support for Cardiovascular Health. Its ANTIOXIDANT properties provide protection for several organs, including the heart and liver.

CoQ-10 is a vitamin-like substance present in EVERY cell of the body, and is vital for the production of cellular energy and antioxidant protection. Within each cell, the mitochondria (where energy is produced) contain the most CoQ-10. The heart and liver, being the most metabolically active organs, contain the most mitochondria per cell, and thus contain the greatest amount of C0Q-10.

Although the body manufactures its own CoQ-10, levels begin to naturally DECLINE at around age 40. Not surprisingly, by age 50, and also those with heart disease, gum disease, obesity, or under chronic stress have LOW levels of CoQ-10. With supplementation individuals are able to maintain their levels.

According to (, there are 9 main benefits to CoQ-10:

1. May help treat HEART failure 2. May help with FERTILITY 3. May help keep your SKIN young 4. May reduce HEADACHES 5. May help with EXERCISE performance 6. May help with DIABETES 7. May play a role in CANCER prevention 8. Good for the BRAIN 9. May protect the LUNGS

CoQ-10 softgel capsules from Nature’s Sunshine provide 100 mg of CoQ-10 in a base of olive oil to maximize absorption. Could you use a BOOST on a cellular level? BOOK an analysis and find out!


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