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Today in the spotlight is STRESS FORMULA – a vitamin B complex and vitamin C supplement. This is one of my most frequently recommended supplements as I see the effects stress has on our bodies and cells every day under the microscope!

We all suffer from a certain degree of STRESS. The modern day lives we live have us going here and there, rushing to complete this project or that, and struggling with anxiety for a number of different reasons. All of this takes a tole on our bodies, especially our NERVOUS system and the ADRENAL glands.

In times of stress, the body uses MORE of certain nutrients, especially the B-complex family and vitamin C. Because these nutrients are WATER-soluble, they are easily eliminated and must be replenished on a regular basis.

Stress can either be acute or long-term. Long-term stress is particularly dangerous. A state of continual stress eventually wears out the body. Because of its effect on immune response, stress INCREASES susceptibility to illness and slows healing.

This STRESS FORMULA from Nature’s Sunshine will not reduce the feelings of stress. However, it will help PROTECT your body on a CELLULAR level from the damaging effects of stress. Think your body could use this extra support? BOOK an analysis and we can see the impact stress is having on your body and put steps in place to minimize the impact.


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