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This November we’re celebrating MOVEMBER and shining our SPOTLIGHT on MEN’S HEALTH.

Today in the spotlight is SUPER TRIO – a unique nutritional supplement combining three key supplements into one convenient pack. Most realize the need for better nutrition, but many people become discouraged by the many choices of what to take. Super Trio eliminates this confusion. It’s three pills, taken twice a day, and conveniently packaged, make for the foundation of a sensible, effective, daily nutritional regimen. This convenience factor makes it an easy choice for men and women alike. No more opening multiple bottles multiple times a day!

The three proprietary blends in Super Trio offer a nutritious combination of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants — each an important component of a healthy diet. The first component of Super Trio is Super Vitamins & Minerals - a comprehensive supplement providing 23 important vitamins and minerals in a base of herbs, vegetables and phytonutrients. The second component is Super NT-OX – a powerful antioxidant formula that fights oxidative stress and inflammation within the body. The third component is Super Omega 3 – an excellent marine source of essential fatty acids the body requires for proper brain and cell membrane maintenance, nerve development and health, mood, inflammation control, and hormonal balance.

As with all herbal supplements, please consult with your practitioner if you are taking other medications to ensure no adverse reactions may occur. Could you benefit from Super Trio? BOOK an analysis and find out… and men receive $10 OFF analysis fees during the month of ‘MOVEMBER’!


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